Pink Sea Shell Beach Umbrella

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Pink Seashell Beach Umbrella is a premium beach umbrella that is 100% functional and fashionable beach umbrella. A beautiful Pastel Pink beach Umbrella with seashells design on it gives a chic look to your beach day!!

The Pink Seashell beach umbrella with tassels comes with 100% cotton tassels.

The Boho beach umbrella comes with a carry bag and is easy to be moved around the beach due to its lightweight design. Beach Umbrella is made of 100% recycled RPET material.

Enjoy the shade when opened and then pack down into a small carry bag to move to and from the beach with ease. 

  • The lightweight design makes it easy to carry.
  • Umbrella pops up swiftly, so the setup takes less than a minute!
  • RPET recycled material with cotton tassels
  • UV resistant canvas
  • Aluminium pole with tilt

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Beach Umbrella - Specification

This Pastel Pink seashell print features modern qualities and premium finishes – an essential part of your beach set up.Text

  • Weight -5.5kg
  • Height- 2m
  • Canopy Diameter- 1.8m
  • Pole Diameter- 38mm
  • Specification: 117*17*17cm
  • Canopy - RPET recycled material with cotton tassels
  • Hardware -Aluminum Pole
  • Material- UPF 50+ Premium Polyester
  • Finishing -100% Cotton Tassels
  • Hinge : zinc alloy with tilt
  • Tilt Mechanism- Yes
  • Carry Bag- Yes


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